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  • February 02 2011

Party Review by Marie Claire - Pacha, Sharm El Sheikh 14.01.11

My first ever visit to North Africa was courtesy of Hed Kandi at the legendary Pacha night club in Sharm El Sheikh. After a Christmas and New Year spent battling through street glaciers in Moscow and snow blizzards in Moldova, not to mention being stranded in Cologne for 3 days due to crazy snow in the UK, I was really looking forward to some sunshine, even just for a few hours!

Stepping off that plane in Sharm that evening, I was understandably a little disappointed at the somewhat cool temperature. Trust me, to arrive during the only cold snap! However, I was easily distracted by the camels being rode along the freeway towards the beach and the shiny, shiny neon lights of Sharm. My fabulous guide also pointed out all the British necessities as we walked towards the club; KFC, Pizza Hut, TGI Fridays etc. Sorted!

I arrived at the venue and found out the hotel was attached to the club - Great, I could crawl home if required! It also meant I got to listen to the warm up DJ's set while I got ready from the comfort of my room! I walked down to the enormous open air dance floor just after midnight to get settled in and the crowd was already full steam ahead.

There is nothing more satisfying as a DJ than playing to a dedicated crowd and at Pacha, they were A+.  They danced and danced to every tune; new, old, big, underground to the very last track of the night. The night was given an extra fuel injection by the incredible Ben 'The Sax Man' Barnett as he played with the kind of energy you only see during an FA Cup Final. Half an hour before close, at that point when most clubs are losing momentum, it was a real pleasure to see everyone from the sparkler crowd up in VIP to the dedicated dancers in front of the DJ booth going nuts to Martin Solveig's 'Hello'. These kids had stamina!!

I cannot wait to go back in the summer peak season, because if this is what Sharm has to offer at the beginning of January, then July will probably be the best gig of my life - watch this space!

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